So some of you might be bored talking about licensing Nickelodeon products and properties.  But I find it fascinating.  Finding places to do business in the new digital economy is super creative as far as I’m concerned.  Those who have friends and kids in college are learning that marketing and entrepreneurialism and business itself ain't what it used to be.  It’s not innovation within an industry, it’s about exploding that industry and starting from scratch.  We were invited to support the Nick Licensing show in Las Vegas the other day, and we got to build a sweet rig with savant-level production designer Chris Goldsmith. It's so great when the production itself tells a story.  Telling a story and keeping people from falling asleep at morning sessions after debauchery in Vegas the night before is what it’s all about! Someone’s kid needs to disrupt the hangover-cure industry.  That’ll make Uber seem like nuthin!

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