It kinda cracks me up that so many of us nerds that studied music/theater/tech in high school/college/life are so clueless about sports. But that doesn't keep us from rocking HARD with our Portland faves Kamp Grizzly, supporting Adidas. We did sound, lighting, interactive video, projection and staging for four events in 4 cities this month. LA was football, Tampa was baseball, Ft. Lauderdale was volleyball and Chicago was soccer. The mad creative hits keep coming from Kamp, and we're there turning their ideas in to technical reality. These gigs are so fun because it's mostly young kids who excel in a particular sport, and wear their dreams on their sleeves. Remember those days? Well thanks to our rad client, we get to live it and focus on some of the cool shit that is happening in the world today. That's officially a good gig, right?

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