OK, so we're only two weeks in, but I'm still flying high from this amazing gig the other night. Sir David Rodgers included us in the new Stella McCartney roll out, and man are we glad. We supported Beck and St. Vincent and Grimes (I love Grimes) and Borns and a few others. It was a nutty celeb-fest, so no need for artists to flee to their backstage hideouts - chances are the guy watching you perform has sold more records than you.

For a fan-boy like me, it was heaven. Chris and The Team put up this rig in a matter of hours. Programmer Anthony spent his lunch learning Grimes tunes (I love Grimes), so he's now officially in The Club. Rock and Roll Royalty hanging at the legendary SIR studios on Sunset, surrounded by vintage guitars with killer indie acts and sweet handbags that my daughter covets. Something for everyone...

Dang - good gig.

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