January is always so busy for us, mostly because we're doing lots-o-gigs at the same time we're prepping for awards show season. Not to mention the January awards shows! Aaahh Yeeeah... Let's do this in one, long run-on sentence: Super fun times supporting Sequoia with the annual G'Day LA show at 3 Labs featuring Margot Robbie, as we move to Milk Studios to support Fashion Photographer Adam Franzino in his first live exhibit, then run over to the Chateau with d_rodgers for Golden Globes joy, but wait there's more – Dr. Jart with Brodey Francis did a wild one at Racer's Edge where the press mixed cosmetics with Go Karts, then BAM, our plane got hit by lightning heading up to SFO yesterday. Don't cry because it's over; Smile because it happened!

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