Erick Weiss had lunch with me about 3 weeks ago and told me about this mad gig that was coming down the pike. French designers TUFF were working with awesome film producer/man Lawrence Bender to do a big old show for the UCLA Institute of Environmental Sustainability. The show was to be called "Hollywood for Science." Perfect timing - right on top of The Grammys and Oscars, and losing our minds - Fuck it, we dove in. A fortnight later we wrapped an amazingly unique event, featuring Lauryn Hill and Cee Lo, and a bunch of compelling and important art and some supermodels and a famous quarterback married to one of said-supermodels. Wicked projection from David Corwin, matched with a Triptych LED wall set, David Flad getting his freak on, and Eric's arena-sized PA in a 15,000 tent. Special thanks to Zuk for TD'ing and not QuiT'ing, and for sure to Adam Rosen who begged me not to take the gig, but then jumped in and dealt with it after I did. It's Science, guys, believe it!

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