Weird day today. Bored with everything, missed a show last night by Samia, Dem debates make me fear orange more than ever, and I need to talk about something this month that got me really excited at work. I got nuthin. Except one - Lux Machina is a film industry tech company that builds insane software for film and television, and they asked us to support them in a demo to some studios. Wicked smart, young client-people, along with 21 year old Samia, to whom you are listening and whom I missed last night, got my blood moving for 9 minutes. Ligo and company put this 10lb rig in the 5lb bag that is the demo space, and they nailed it. It will hold loads of LED surfaces - I'll show you that in a month. Great client quote "Your guys didn't really seem like typical riggers. They seemed happy."

Maybe I should be doing some rigging to get out of the funk??

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