We do enjoy being busy. Mostly after we've pulled off the gigs. There has not been a dull moment lately. Here are some of the 30 gigs we did this month: Emmy's Ball with Sequoia, Super-Secret Nike thing that I can't post, Worldz, which is a most-excellent leadership conference, Nissan tour going coast-to-coast, USC gigs to welcome the new President, Insanity in Lemoore with an artificial surf pool for Breitling, audio support for NARAS as they start putting together the 2020 Grammy nominees, promotion for the new James Bond movie "No Time To Die" coming out on 04/08/2020. Oh, and Fan-Boy-ing with Bon Iver at the Forum.

That and 21 other gigs. Sorry for the rough and random post, but I gotta get on a plane!


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