So we pretty much always need to do two entries for June -  it's just that kind of month for us every year. Here we found ourselves in the comfort of our long time pal Mary Bonefede at Disney Interactive, at E3. This was a great year for this booth -  Gorgeous design and production by Brodey Francis.  Lots of projection and killer lighting design by Shawn Richardson. We also had a great opportunity to work on a projection mapping project with Janine and Denny from Production Elements. This was for the reveal of the new Otis Booth building and the 100 year anniversary of the Museum of Natural History in LA. Giant glass building was covered with a huge cyc, which we mapped Radar LA designs on to. Kabuki solenoids popped and the huge drape fell to reveal the gorgeous new building. The crowd went nuts!

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles 100 Years: Otis Pavilion Unveiling 3D Mapping

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