Another one of those amazing weeks where we have gigs piled on top of gigs and they're ALL AMAZING. The Emmys and the Video Music Awards landed on the same weekend so we were bouncing between the Convention Center where we were invited by Cheryl and the Sequoias to sound/light/versatube their Governor's Ball for 5000, and every hipster club in LA doing shows for MTV. We did Sam Smith and Iggy Azalea for our beloved Ariadne at The Palace and Jesse J and Becky G at Blvd 3 for our favorite Adam Stewart. We ended up at the Forum for the arrivals on the main show then some really groovy unannounced private shows for big acts in small rooms around town. MTV VP Stephen Kipp = ONE LOVE. Can't possibly show our appreciation for these massive event people continuing to include us in their fun gigs. So sweet - Thank You!


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