Seriously, yet another freekin' wicked gig.  So fun.  Craig Donahue and TDC brought us along to celebrate Ferrari's 60th anniversay in the US.  We built a custom stage over the steps to Beverly Hills City Hall, put up some gorgeous 5mil outdoor LED screens, and lit the pants out of the iconic City Hall Structure in Ferrari Red.  We used Bad Boys to do a projection of the Ferrari Cavallino 'dancing horse' on the tower of the building.  On day two, we put up sound and three more giant LED screens on Rodeo Drive and built a stage to reveal the 3.2 million dollar Ferrari F60 America of which only 10 were made, and all are spoken for.   We built a big structure with an LED car counter, and counted over 1000 Ferraris that came for the show.  OK the gig was painful getting there because it was MASSIVE, but it sure felt good to see it all go off without a hitch.  They seriously need to make an all-electric Ferrari.

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