It's a big world out there, and we're taking over one big gig at a time!  Not really, but we're trying.  We brought Lighting Designer Matt Levesque in to do the design for our FCC LED install a few years ago and he repaid the favor by bringing us along to install a fully mapped LED wall and system on the Giant Wheel at the Irvine Spectrum.  Sick project -  we used RGB and CK LED pucks to make a circular video wall inside the ferris wheel, then similar product to light up the "sun points" outside of the wall.  Heck we even installed LEDs in the gondolas themselves so they became part of the programming.  Slickest installation gag of the 20-teens is the gyroscope that controls the video playback on the wall. If you have a picture of your favorite fashion model on the wheel, and the wheel starts to turn, you sure don't want her image to turn too.  So this gyroscope tells the Hippos exactly how to rotate the image to compensate for the wheel spining.  Smart MF'ers at RBG figured that one out - All hail.  Big thanks to Bob and the Irvine Company for awarding the job to ShowPro, too.

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