I don't need to tell you how excited we were to get a high profile gig at South by Southwest this year. Trust me, Cheryl and I would have been there either way, but it was cool to do something really creative with a new client in between acting like teenagers seeing bands all day and all night. Our friend Erika Urquiza is working with a new super-groovy agency in New York called A2G. They do mad stuff - all experiential events and spectacles. They brought us out to Austin to install a massive touchscreen. Relevant but tasteful imagery from their client The Gap was projected on a 12' x 32' screen and as guests interacted with the content, they produced particle and other effects. Even the bands playing in the room effected the projection. Extra Bonus - Ryan Adams and Avett Brothers played the first night. SXSW sawed us in half this year - just the way we like it.

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