The Recording Academy celebrated the 60th Grammy Awards this year, and they moved it back to New York for the occasion. Branden and Rex were gracious enough to bring us out to do our thing. Always the best week of the year, 2018 did not disappoint. The Person of the Year celebration was for Fleetwood Mac. Remember last year, it was our beloved Tom Petty to whom Stevie Nicks paid a heartbreaking tribute. Lorde and Miley and Allison Krause and Portugal the Man and many others played Fleetwood Mac tunes, then The Mac themselves came out and tore down Radio City Music Hall. The Grammy show at Madison Square Garden was great, regardless of what the haters say - Miley and Elton doing Tiny Dancer was unforgettable. And our big afterparty was in Times Square and raged until 3am. If you watch this video until the end, you'll see Adam and some of the boys huffing it across Queensboro Bridge - Their Uber had a flat tire on the way to JFK. You think Kendrick got cheated? How about these rock star techs, man!?

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