Comic-Con is nuttier than ever.  We were in the Convention Center with the Jordanah Girls doing Fox stuff, out on the street doing a costume contest with MTV, and we were here at Petco Park doing a big EDM concert with our pal Adam Stewart from Viacom.  The convention center was a riot and populated with the best-ever fraternity of awesome nerds.  Neil Patrick Harris even signed stuff at one of our booths.  This stuff is giant business now -  Be careful who you bully today, kids - you might be looking to that same person for a job in 10 years.  Oh, and don't be a dick bully either way.  Anyway, this Petco gig was really cool -  we did Versatubes and stuff on the stage with a huge variety of vendors doing audio, lighting, staging, labor, etc.  It takes a village.

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