We have another new client that we love. As i keep saying, that's what it's all about -  gigs are great but clients that bring you great gigs are greater. This time Lindsey and the gang from Ncompass invited us to take care of production for the screening of a new Starz Network show called Outlanders. It's based on a popular book series about someone who moves between the 18th and 20th centuries without much say in the matter. This time we got to work in the 104 year old Spreckels Theater in Downtown San Diego during Comic-Con. We put in a full projection system including screen, full processed audio system that sounded good in every seat and even some lighting for a Q&A with the cast and director after the screening. We've all seen the young-and-crazy at Comic-Con but this was extra trippy as we had about 1400 old-and-crazy fans of the book series in the audience. They screamed like they just saw The Biebs... Ain't Life Grand?

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