ShowPro Live Studio Events is a sophisticated technical environment supplying broadcast events with the same world-class production that is expected from an in-person event. Connect with your audience in an innovative, captivating and memorable way by combining live, in-studio performances, unique content and remote performances. Instantly create breakout sessions for participants to experience closer interaction. Deliver your content in spectacular fashion while keeping your costs under control. ShowPro Live Studio Events is your solution.

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ShowPro Ain't Crackin' Y'all

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For those of you with too much time on your hands, we present:

¡ShowPro LIVE! 2020

Covid Response Team

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February is, of course, awards show season, and we adore our recurring Grammys, Oscars, Designers Guild, and so many more gigs. But, The Kobe Memorial was yesterday, and I can't seem to shake the sadness. Such beautiful families that are stricken with tragedy, not to mention the global impact...

We were asked to do some projection work for the City of Vernon for the entire NBA season to honor Kobe. These new monster Elation Proteus fixtures did the trick from 400 feet away... Please, disregard the awful stringer lights on the legs of the Water Tower – those are an old mock-up by others. I dropped some award show shots In at the end to show my respect. Thanks to Sequoia and Jerry Hayes, and our dear NARAS clients, and all of the crew and staff that pulled off a sick month. Now, we just need these virus numbers to drop and the DOW to climb.

All in a month's work…

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Remember when people laughed at the concept of doing big entertainment and events at a Mall? I do.

Mall gets last laugh...

Well, Westfield Century City is more like a Fantasyland than a mall, but their groundbreaking concept of building a massive stage and Audio/Video/Lighting rig with multiple event and activation spaces is a smash success. We were invited to manage the technical side of these shows and events almost 3 years ago, and we installed the much-beloved David Olson to be our guy on site. Things have gone so well we just added another full-timer, Alex Mackyol to the staff. I love this partnership – it's a very big corporation, but it's managed by people like you and me, so it's just another extension of the family. More cities coming!

Next Stop: (REDACTED). Stay tuned!

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We're still buzzin’ a bit, a week after this one. What a wonderful process - Jeff dreams up a 360 degree LED surround concept with presentation stages on all four walls, for an upcoming UGG sales meeting. We pitch the CEO and a few of his SVPs, and they're intrigued. We then take notes from the client, re-work the design a couple of times, re-present a couple of times, and BAM, we're on. Jeff and Matt Warren then spend the next four months working on content and showflow and the overall message, alongside these hard-hitting execs. As we get closer to show time, we feel the weight of the importance of this show to a big corporation. They trusted us to deliver, so we best not blow it. We didn't. It was amazing. Then Haim comes on at the end of the 1 hour presentation and rocks everyone. It's everything any of us want in a gig - Creativity, Wicked tech, Mavericks surf just outside the venue, and Visionary clients who trust us...

Thank you, Gaia.

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