I hope this doesn't bum anyone out, but we've been doing a really cool Rodeo gig for years, in Las Vegas. It's called the NFR - National Finals Rodeo, which is the Super Bowl of Rodeos. Or, the Coachella of Rodeos for you non-athletic types. It's considered to be the world's premier rodeo, and has been happening at the Thomas and Mack arena for decades. We are invited by this great Laser company, YLS, who brings us up every year to light it. 55 million households end up watching it on TV every year. Nuts. The rodeo consists of 10 rounds – one round per day for 10 days. Cowboys and girls can win big money - this year's total purse is over $10 million. We put in a lighting rig as well as a stage that drops from the roof of the arena, for some good country music. Hey man, sorry about beating up ponies and such, but it's a fun arena gig with a fun client.

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