Man another amazing collaboration with our friends from UGG. This was the 2014 Fall Sales Meeting (done in 2013 of course). The design inspiration for the new shoe/boot line was literature. So all of the designers gathered in Ojai to talk about what books influenced them as kids and adults. They then took direction from some of these books to create an incredible new line of footwear, and we took the inspiration to design a badass set.  Michael and Courtney from Brodey Francis built us a hard set to die for, in to which we then embedded giant projection screens and 80" vertical displays to create virtual sets. Men's line was a masculine scotch-and-leather library.  Women's was a romantic snowy afternoon set, and kids had oversized and stylized characters to play with.  Big props to Radar LA for the perfect content. UGG my dear, I hope you never tire of hearing us tell you how much we love you.

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