I'm probably not bringing up anything you haven't already thought about, but have you noticed that every trailer you see at the movies is basically either a video game or a comic book, for the big screen? Well that's fine with us, 'cause we're doing a shit-ton of gigs for the gaming industry, and we like that. Although E3 took kind of a strange turn this year, the private gaming gigs have taken off in a huge way. Here we have our favorite Comic-Con gig with Team-Jordanah promoting Fox product, and below is a super secret Twitch broadcast of a new video game that is taking over the world (hint - there's a lot of killing in it - that should narrow it down). These subscription gaming services make Apple Music and Spotify look like penny-ante card games. I take my video game money and I tend to hang more at Laemmlle's but that's cause I'm old and snobby. It's fun watching this madness unfold before our eyes.

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